Spell the letters


Just found myself wondering what it’d look like if we had words for the letters in our alphabet…

Anyone care to have a crack?


Like… A is for apple? Or do you mean something else… I guess you mean how would you spell A… I suppose that’s kind of like the thing in dictionaries where they show how letters sound?

Hm. Maybe ah? or eh? for A?


I can’t remember the context, but more than once I’ve had a hell of a time trying to phonetically spell out the letter “H”

I think I eventually settled on something like: “eitch”. But then was told by a friend that “hace” seemed better.


You mean phonetic or phonemic transcription, like this: /ˈfoʊniːm/?

Or maybe like the Greek alphabet where a is alpha, b is beta and so on?



That’s what I meant… sometimes words fail me! :wink:


I’m reminded of an old drinking game…

  1. Pick a subject, neither too obscure nor too well known. “Trashy 1980’s bands” or something like that.

  2. Go around the table in order; everyone has to name one thing on the subject starting with A. No repeats. This is usually pretty easy for the first person, but it gets tricky once you get past a few people, as all of the obvious answers will be already taken.

  3. If you’ve got nothin’, drink. Any noticable hesitation counts as a fail.

  4. Then do it again for “B”, but start one position around the table (so the second person is now first, and the first is now last). Just like shifting the dealer position in a poker game.

  5. Go all the way through the alphabet. If you make it to the end, pick a new topic and start again.

As drinking games go, it’s quite fun, and easily altered from “passing time while getting mildly tipsy” to “utter debauchery” just by tweaking the topic and the booze.


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