Spotify's free mobile service


People who make music complain about Spotify never paying them. Perhaps their business model is to not have expenses.


In before someone brining up "Spotify doesn’t pay us en… aww damn it.

Ok, but… Spotify Premium pays more per play than Spotify free. So, you know, you’re basically stealing from starving artists Mark :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Prior to Spotify, what percentage of your average musician’s revenue came from sales of music recordings?

Or to compare to something more like what Spotify is, what percentage came from royalties for radio play?

Yours is an interesting comparison too, given that the overwhelming majority of content on Spotify will never be broadcast on radio, as well as the fact that rights holders often pay radio stations to broadcast their music.

I’m not saying that musicians and songwriters have not been screwed over by every other single method of making money from their creative output.

My musician friends all have day jobs. And they are mostly very good musicians.

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