Spotify's "Wrapped" data doesn't add up. Here's how to convert to Bandcamp.

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Don’t forget there are a lot of public radio stations out there that broadcast on the internet. They’re commercial free, listener supported, and free. Donations are encouraged, and I support mine monthly. Always finding new songs and knowing that they are indeed paying royalties, though how this is managed between them and the RIAA probably varies by station.

Just a listener and supporter of, no commercial affiliation. Hate commercials to the point where I consider NPR a commercial station given their reliance on corporate sponsorships, and love the lack on real public radio. Find your own and support public radio.


Oh hey, did someone mention Bandcamp? My latest album release lives there too:

eta: yes, this post is shameless self-promotion. I’ll have some shame someday.


I sometimes even buy from Band camp when it’s not the first Friday of the month because, I want something, I want to make sure the artist gets some of my appreciation, and I don’t really begrudge the odd 10% or whatever Bandcamp adds on sometimes.

But yes, the Friday thing has helped me to get the card out. Perhaps people might post here, or on da Musics thread, suggestions?


I have bought a few things from indie bands off of band camp. But I try to buy CDs when possible.


Wrapped excludes November and December data. Which is very stupid but not any stupider than anything else they do, really.


Frap yeah! Tools and brokers and microSD cards of arbitrary size for those FLACs.

CDs are for people who can’t keep their DVD11s of 4.5 to 11 hour slices of Sigur Ros albums greasy, I mean…so many write-once media to pick from! Why not tools for casting concrete roads to play the song? Glass harp compositions for automatic conveyor dishwashers? Maybe a knife to render (not fried) calamari from the bowl like stereo record track noodles, fwiip, as you suck it into your mouth.

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Which is a pity, because we just launched our Christmas single, which will probably be our best release this year.

Of course on bandcamp it actually already made us (some) money.

for who’s interested in Dutch language Christmas music :wink:

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( googles: what is a cd? )

woah. that’s very generous of you, if a bit of an unusual way of supporting artists.


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