Springer Nature to release 100,000 titles as DRM-free bundles

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Good job! Beats hell out of renting your books on Kindle. Let’s make sure they make money!


Springer exceeds quite well already at making money. They are the worst (or maybe second worst behind Elsevier) in the academic publishing racket. Many of the books I’d imagine they’ll be selling are the standard academic books where each chapter is written by a different invited author (who doesn’t get paid for the “honor”). And I’m someone who’s written a few of those chapters before I realized that I wasn’t being asked for my expertise – they knew from past requests that I was willing to work for free for them.


Not only that. Some of the books are sucking in public-domain or other open stuff and then selling it for big money.

A few months ago I was accused on wikipedia for very blatant copyvio because of verbatim lifting of most of the strontium aluminate article from “Richard C. Ropp - Encyclopedia of the Alkaline Earth Compounds”, of course by Elsevier. Turned out that the book came out in 2012, while I wrote the stuff in 2006.

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