SRSLY, they want to put DRM in JPEGs


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so… everyone switching to PNGs?


We can all just join Google and use WebP.


People will remove the DRM by screenshotting which will just further The Triumphant Rise of the Shitpic.


I’ve heard a rumor there’s at least one porn site that’s done this for years. They put a code in their .jpgs with steganography, and if the user shares them around, their membership is over.


Before anyone else thinks of doing it, I’ve just DRMed the whole Internet. You all owe me a bajillion dollars!


Aye? Well, I DRM’d your DRM! Times infinity!


That’s not DRM, that’s a watermark, which has considerably less unpleasant baggage.


Once again, the only truly effective DRM is to not show your works to anyone. Don’t post it online, even behind a paywall. It will get out otherwise or maybe anyway.

That whistling sound you’re hearing is the wind blowing through the analog hole in your head.


The block quote kinda suggested this is the approach the EFF Speaker was taking. DRM is not ok but encryption is. So, Their DRM is bad but OUR DRM is good, we just call it crypto.


The significant difference being that DRM is them keeping you from your property and crypto is you keeping them from your property.


Next thing you know they’ll be having us pronounce our GIFs like they’re peanut butter.


That’s exactly what they think they are doing - keeping you from their property.


I’m jiffing my jpegs then pnging those into picts and finally getting into a tiff with the MPAA over my mpeg.


You can strip steganography so easily. Just re-save the photo back to JPEG at 99.9% quality, boom, whole new DCT runs over it, probably no perceptible loss of quality, and no steganographic cookies in your pornography milkshake.


Then they all ought to go to jail for saying they “sold” anything to us. Fraud is a felony you know.


DRM is stupid, but DRM on a lossy format is at least 60% more pixels stupid.


You forgot the pinky finger, Dr. Evil. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank God there is absolutely no chance of a slippery slope when browsers implement DRM capability and all that will come of it is Netflix support.

I mean, I get why they do it, but I dare anyone to tell me that there is no cost.


It’s pronounced g-eye-f…rhymes with Barney Fife!