Stages of realizing your friend is swiping through your photos rather than taking a photo

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“It’s nothing. It’s nothing. Don’t look, just take the - GIMME THAT!”



I have people in my life who do this. I can’t say they’re my spouse, ok? It’s scary because I don’t know what I’ve taken a picture of that might meet with disapproval. But I’m entirely innocent ok? OK?

I love taking pictures. I love pictures.

Luckily, osx has a lock so you can’t look at the gallery if you haven’t coded in to the phone.

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Not sure how anyone in this day and age thinks this is okay.


I really need to delete some pictures off my phone …


Some people I know have just barely started to grasp this etiquette, and young kids will always have a problem with it. It’s partly Apple’s (et al.) fault. The default online sharing option is still “every time I hit the shutter button, publish that photo right up on the internets for everyone to see”. It’s like they never met people.

What should happen is that you have to periodically review your “camera roll” and choose what to do with the pictures, and if you don’t, they expire after a week. That takes care of private pictures, and also all the photos that didn’t work or were just temporary notes or whatever.


This would also address my “storage is full but I don’t have the patience to scroll through 1500 pictures making a decision about each one” problem.

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“Are these from your vacation?”


aw man, and they were best friends too!

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Or you could just delete them right after emailing them to the NSA yourself.

Most people have about the same respect for boundaries as a xenomorph.


“I see you’re enjoying your honeymoon…”


I hate this. My phone did this for about a month before I figured it out.

Fortunately I don’t take incriminating pictures. The most awkward thing I had up was a picture of me at my heaviest looking very wasted (actually just sleep deprived). Still not anything I’d feel comfortable sharing with people.

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The only thing that happens if someone swipes left or right in my phone’s gallery is they immediately fall asleep from boredom. It seems like most of my photos are pictures of labels or error messages.


So… I’m the only person in the world who takes photos on my camera, then plugs it into my PC with a cable and cuts and pastes them off away to where they are safe?

We are truly living in the post-privacy age!


That’s the thing though, folx just don’t do this. I had this revelation when I was working on a document management system for a government. We were all “Just fill out this simple form every time you save a document!” and people were like “OK well umma fill out that form with asdfasdf, plus I hate you and will be complaining”. And the big problem was, when you create a file, you’re in the middle of doing whatever it relates to, so that’s the single worst time to decide what to do with it long-term. It makes a lot more sense to answer these questions at the end of the day, with hindsight.

Like, maybe you have a gross boil on your butt so you take a photo to see what’s going on back there. You want to keep it on your phone to refer to it when you’re in the bathroom with the soldering iron, and after that you black out for an hour, and bam, you’ve forgotten there’s a picture of your gross boil in your photo library.


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