Star-Spangled Banner played by gun sounds like freedom

I agree/disagree with some of the things that have just been said, but the internal dynamic of the gesture notates the essentially transitional quality of the medium.

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Well, the musical Tesla coil electric chair idea is now stuck in my head… Could work well as a tabletop-sized scale model with a solid-state Tesla coil. Too bad I am now in another country than my lab is…!

I wonder if @Glitch baited me intentionally with this one. If yes, +1 for sneakiness because it worked.


That would require some quite hardcore servos for the gun turret, fast enough to correctly retarget between the individual bullets. With shooting to a silent catcher/empty space for the moments without notes. (With not much ammo wasted this way as there’s almost no “spacing” there.) The gun rate of fire would quite match the tempo.

I propose a circular arrangement of the targets, possibly with concentric circles, to minimize the maximum angle to travel between adjanced notes. In suitable distance from the turret, in order to both have more melodic sound from the bullet impacts than the drum track from the gun itself, and to minimize the angle to travel and therefore time to aim, which will be the limit factor for the turret design (here a compromise between accuracy, target plate size, and target set distance will have to be figured out).

High-speed servos with small rotor diameter (to avoid much of rotational momentum to build up and then dump at speedup/slowdown), suitably geared down (the platform will have to support considerable recoil forces, made worse by the forces being strong pulses instead of steady-state push). Wouldn’t be extra-cheap, though likely to cost less than the gun. Would be doable.

…and for the sake of gods of war, have power cutoff switches beyond the gun’s maximum programmed travel range, so in case something goes wrong it shuts down, in order to avoid accidents.


I am reminded of this:

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Mount the gun on rails in a fixed position, position the targets in a suitable fashion a few hundred meters away and use gravity to control the speed. As a bonus, we’d also get the world’s deadliest roller-coaster.

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That would be rather difficult to set up, would need some sort of syncing with the firing speed (or a tolerance to a missed or doubled bullet/note here and there), and would be good for just one song. No capability of playing an arbitrary MIDI file, and no possibility of software-only conversion to a sentry turret. (“Gunklavier down! Sentry up!”)

But I can see the appeal of that idea! Additionally, with a seat or two for a crew of observers, it could be a pretty nice ride!

…bonus points for the turret if it plays Ride of the Valkyries on ground-positioned targets while itself being mounted on a helicopter or a UAV during a low-pass fly-by. (More points for synchronized multitone/harmony track using more helicopters.) That would be a sweet, sweet sales-grade demo for an airborne weapons platform. (Raytheon, Lockheed, and your ilk, if you ever do this, I want a cut. Or at least an invitation.)

…the bumblebee flight with its gradually varying main frequency is quite suitable to be played on a throttle-able rocket engine, as discussed elsewhere earlier. You could possibly get a recognizable version just from the varying speed of gas flow from the nozzle, without need for plasma assist… Maybe it could work even with a classical hybrid rocket engine from a plastic tube and modulated oxygen flow?


Maybe we need an Elizabot like the one used for GamerGate?

Or, maybe, we could point the gun debaters at the gamergaters? Chaos! :smiley:


Some people just want to watch the world burn! :smiley:


A remarkable demonstration of skill. Well-done!

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Okay, yeah, I’ve got to give Glitch that one. The musical Tesla coil electric chair is a great idea.


Ummm, NO. Guns are NOT meant to kill people.

I so tired of gun enthusiasts childishly dancing around the issue that most guns are made for killing. “For me they’re just tools”, “Yesterday I used my gun to put in some nails”, “Without my gun as a paperweight the wind would’ve blown my correspondence all over the place. Thanks gun!”.

Just out of curiosity: Where would you draw the line between “multi-purpose DIY and sporting tool for responsible people” and “weapon made for killing”? Just say stop:

  • Handgun
  • Rifle
  • Assault Rifle
  • Machine Gun
  • Cannon
  • Missile
  • Nuclear Weapon

I’ll get my popcorn and wait for the reasons why any freedom-loving patriot should have access to a GAU-8/A.

I’ll get my popcorn and wait for the reasons why any freedom-loving patriot should have access to a GAU-8/A.

Yeah. Not sure anyone needs a GAU-8/A in civilian life. Not sure how we got there from a guy plinking at tuned targets either. Popcorn would have been a better tune though.

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Puts me in mind of a particularly scathing review of Can, which my Google-Fu has not been strong enough to find. THANKS FOR SPOILING MY JOKE, INTERNET!

I feel safer already :smile:

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I would personally draw the line at the point where you can be reasonably sure of not taking out unintended targets. So, rifles are definitely OK, but missiles are out.

BTW: technically, “assault rifle” and “machine gun” are mostly interchangeable. Every real “assault rifle” is also legally a “machine gun.” But, being an expert, I guess you already knew this.

So, you can dance around with meaningless words, but I have facts:

Gun homicides in 2012 (FBI table 8): 8,855.
Approximate number of guns in the US: 270,000,000.
For every gun used in a homicide there were 30,490 that were NOT used to murder somebody. Yes, over THIRTY THOUSAND. Try to explain away those facts.

Now, a tesla-powered electric chair is something that I would pay to see.

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Must we? Every fucking time? I’m firmly in the pro-electric musical chairs camp, FWIW.

Guns are meant to deliver force at range, and also the -threat- of force at range.

That force, and the threat of it, happens to be really useful at ending arguments.

I suspect there are so many guns because of all the arguments between people, and not because of all the wild animals we eat.

What do you think?



FYI - you can buy and shoot muzzle loading canons and mortars with no license needed of any kind. The only limitation is any exploding shells would be considered explosives and be restricted. Missles/rockets are legal too, though again with out explosives. I am good with any thing short of Nuclear Weapons being legal.

And it doesn’t MATTER what an item is MADE FOR. What matter is: how people are using them. I don’t understand this mentality. Like the original purpose is the only thing that matters? Does this hunk of steel and plastic have a soul, damning it to kill again and again?

So nearly all swords are used as decoration, or for a few people, sports and test cutting.

Canons make awesome yard art, and are used to shoot old cars and targets, and might be used in a reenactment occasionally.

Nearly all guns hurt no people, and are used to shoot paper and steel targets. Some are used for hunting animals, so technically made to kill, but unless you’re vegan I don’t want to hear about your views on hunting ethics. And if you are vegan I really don’t want to hear your view on hunting ethics.