Star-Spangled Banner played by gun sounds like freedom


Our government may be spying on us, our economy may struggling, our education system may be the laughing stock of the developed world, our citizens may be disaffected and disenfranchized, our police may be corrupt, our military and foreign policy may have destablized the Middle East for generations to come…

…but at least we’re free to use lethal weapons as a means of petty personal entertainment. God bless America, the greatest nation in the world!


No need for full autos. You just need someone with speed and accuracy. You wouldn’t HAVE to get Jerry Miculek… but you know you want him.


WTF, that guy is wearing ear protection.

Shielding his ears from the full volume of freedom.

Coward, probably a Commie to boot, sent to waste our ammo.


My request:


Rocky Raccoon would be nice.


I suppose ballistic percussion music will be the next reason that 30+ round magazines are an absolute necessity.


I’m leaning towards Bungalow Bill


Belt-fed. Make it belt-fed.


I’d like to see the “1812 Overture” with real ca – oh, wait.


Could the same be done with tuned tank turrets and RPGs?

A nice variant would be a computer-controlled sentrygun that’d be even able to play with the right timing of the notes. Maybe two or three turrets for harmony. Programmed with a MIDI file.

Edit: Even better, make a sniper version with the targets being a mile away from the shooter, whether it is human or robot.


Sent Dustin Ellerman an e-mail to let him know that somebody hijacked his video, set up a YouTube channel, and is collecting ad revenue from his video.


See, this is why we need high capacity magazines!

Hmmm. That’s funny. I didn’t see anybody dying in that video. No danger there!

If there were a pool nearby, would you whine about how over 3,000 people drown each year? Need I mention that about 20% of all people who drown are children under 15? Naaaaa. You can feel all self-rightous about being enraged over a perfectly safe use of a gun. You don’t get that same feeling from a pool.

It must make you REALLY mad to see somebody using a gun in a safe, responsible manner. It must punch holes in your “all guns are evil” mentality.

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Time for another absurd post deconstruction.

So nothing is dangerous until someone is actively dying from it?

…except you’re being sarcastic, so you’re actually saying this IS dangerous? Or… what, exactly?

Guns are built to kill people with. Pools aren’t built to drown people in.

And no, guns are not built for target shooting, they are built for killing. You don’t need a firearm for sport - you can shoot targets with paintball markers, air guns, and other non-lethal target devices.

Pools also can’t be carried concealed and used to kill other people with incredible ease.

People who drown in pools are a small subset of all people who drown - remember, the earth’s surface is 70% covered in water.

Also, roughly 20% of all people are under 15 years of age - which makes sense, since the average life expectancy is about 71 years, and 20% of 70 is roughly 15.

The only self-righteousness on display appears to be yours.

Also, you have no logical basis for imagining you know my feelings, so at best you’re jumping to conclusions, and at worst you’re building strawmen, trying to engage in character assassination, or perhaps engaging in psychological projection. Only you would really know, though.

It must make you really mad to see someone commenting comedically on American culture values and the apparent illogicalities of our collective priorities and national concerns.

You and I also apparently have different notions of what is “safe, responsible” usage of a lethal weapon. I’m all for making music with percussive devices, but I’d prefer the devices chosen for such a purpose to be something other than tools intended to kill people.

If nothing else, I believe it is unsafe and irresponsible to treat a lethal weapon as a toy, and to promote that mindset in others.

People don’t go around making music with electric chairs, guillotines, crucifixes, gallows, gibbets, and the like - not just because they are impractical musical instruments (firearms certainly suit this description), but because they are grave, morbid, and even taboo objects for which most people have a strong cultural respect and distaste.

The thought of using an electric chair as a musical tesla coil is somewhat revolting to the average person, because it takes a very serious and grim topic and treats it as a frivolity. Much like dancing on a grave, doing this would be seen as incredibly offensive and troubling. And yet, we have no such respect for firearms, and are happy to use them to make music - despite far, far more people dying to guns than to electric chairs, far more regularly, and far less deservingly!

You mean the one I never expressed, and which you invented out of thin air, for the sake of putting words into my mouth?

If anything is having holes punched in it, it is my belief in your ability to have a civil discussion grounded in logic and reality.


People are scared of too many dangers that at the end aren’t. You have to put a cutoff somewhere.

Guns are built to propel small heavy things at high kinetic energies in well-defined directions. The rest depends on where you aim them.

Cars are also built to move at high kinetic energies in well-defined directions. The rest also depends on where you aim them.

You however cannot aim a pool. It just sits there.

Everything can be a lethal weapon, with just a bit of training.

Concealed-carry deadly pool. This would be a great comic sketch. Paging Monty Python…

Electric chairs are more suitable for playing musical chairs anyway.



Guns, cars, chainsaws, motorcycles, and skateboards can ALL be dangerous. Do you run around screaming whenever you see a car just because somebody COULD get into an accident?

Ummm, NO. Guns are NOT meant to kill people. Do you want to tell the Olympic shooting team that they should be shooting people? They would laugh their collective asses off at you.

Why do we have NASCAR? Can’t people race on skateboards and bicycles?

Lots of people target practice. Other hunt. I guess that is does not fit in with your concept of evil, so you ignore those legitimate uses…

But knives can. Do you want to tell Gordon Ramsey how evil he is for promoting knife use? By the way: the gun in this video was a RIFLE. Do you know what that means? It will not fit in your pocket.

And only a small subset of people who die are shot to death. Your point is???/

I am not the one criticizing somebody for doing something that is perfectly legal and safe – you are…

You are right. All I had to go on was your comment about how horrible it is that somebody is using a “lethal weapon” in a perfectly safe and legal manner. No sane person could read anything into that comment at all.

Nothing illogical. Using a rifle made for target shooting and shooting targets with it. What is illogical about that?

Ahhh. Once again with the “tool intended to kill people” which makes it evil. That is the root of our disagreement. I see a gun as a tool. I have a few, but I must be doing something wrong, because none of mine have killed anybody. With about 270 MILLION guns in this country, but only about 5000 or so gun homicides. That means that about 0.002% of all guns are used in a homicide every year. Clearly, the facts do not back you up. But why let a little thing like facts get in the way of a good rant?

And if they did make music from such things, why does it bother you? Nobody is being hurt here. No victims. No deaths. No laws being broken. This guy did not threaten anybody or hurt anybody’s feeling. You have to go out of your way to be offended at this.

Like I said, tell the Olypmic shooting team how horrible they are by bring up a “serious and grim topic” like poking holes in paper. Those horrible, evil biathalon athletes need to be flogged in public.

Also, guns are used FAR more than the electric chair to prevent crimes and deter criminals. Defensive gun use is on the order of around one MILLION incidents per year, and the vast majority of them just involve demonstrating that you are armed – enough to scare off almost all criminals (Wikipedia has a page on this), but I guess that does not fit in with your world view, so you ignore it…

Well, YOU are the one who used sarcasm to attack a person who did nothing wrong because you disliked the tool that he used. Am I to assume from this that you are a huge 2nd Amendment fan? Is that the message that you intended to get across? Because, if so, you failed completely.

A guy doing some target shooting and you act as if he urinated on a stranger – where is the logic and reality in your irrational reaction?

U! S! A!

Gotta love it …

17 posts, one of them actually about the video.

Guys, it would be nice if we could mention the word “gun” without everyone immediately launching into yet another word-for-word reenactment of the same exact gun control debate.

Me, I’d like to see this done with a single note/plate per shooter. Kinda like a handbell choir.

Oh, and @Glitch, @Kevin_Harrelson: TL;DR. if you’re going to write for two bloody pages and expect me to read it, please try to write something interesting.


Flight of the Bumblebee scored for the M60. :metal: