Starship Troopers may finally be getting the sequel we wanted


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I think the movie we all want wouln’t be yet another swing at the bubble gum chewing penny novel Starship Troopers, but a gritty and dark version of The Forever War.


The 90s cartoon was far better than any of the sequels. I can’t remember if Dizzy survived the Roughneck show? Clearly this new movie isn’t a direct sequel to the original film.


Man…when are those stupid bastards gonna drop the man killing weapons and start using bug spray. You can buy it at any hardware store ffs.


well there’s already two live action sequels, a cartoon show, an anime series and a 3d animated movie Starship Troopers: Invasion.
So if they haven’t gotten the sequel you wanted by now then I kind of doubt this one will be it.


Of all the possible movies from all the available Heinlein books, this one is among the least interesting franchises.(Star Beast migjt be slightly worse). Could we please have a movie of Tunnel in the Sky? Or maybe Have Space Suit, Will Travel!

And for an ongoing series, The Rolling Stones practically writes itself. Someone needs to tell hollywood to put the sequel down already.


Tunnel in the Sky is such a no-brainer that I’m astonished it wasn’t made into a movie years ago. (It was my fave of Heinlein’s juveniles when I was a kid.)


I am certain the writer of Future War Stories Blogspot would plotz in glee at the prospect of a Forever War film! Every 3rd entry there references the book. [It is an all time classic, of course!]

I highly recommend the site to people with an interest in 'splodey SF works.


Sadly, “Roughnecks” was never completed and the last 3-4 episodes were shelved.



You see, because liberals are the real fascists, all bug spray is strictly outlawed. /s


Still no power armor(at least not as described in the novel)…or dropping mobile infantry directly from orbit.


So, still garbage, then.

I’ll be in my bunk.


Starship Troopers, the 1997 disasterpiece, is one of the most fun bad Science Fiction films of all time!

Not can’t agree that it’s a bad movie. The movie is a masterful parody of jingoistic militarized/patriotic ideals and it revels in how cheesy it is to further drive the point of its theme.

Still i do recall seeing an episode of the animated show and it did seem entertaining but wasn’t quite my cup of tea. I haven’t quite watched the trailer in the post, i will get around to it in a bit but i hope it’s decent.


The original film wasn’t really even a swing at the novel. It used some names, but changed all the important parts.


I would love an adaptation of “The Cat who Walks Through Walls” or “Job: A comedy of Justice”.


I’d say it hasn’t been made because it is about well-trained, intelligent, “school children” being put into a situation where they might die if they don’t act smart and self-reliant, using weapons, building a society from the ground up, surviving on their own and indeed thriving and…gasp having sex and babies outside of the “official” blessing of society and without any “adult” authority to guide them.

Simply showing minors learning to use weapons properly and learning how to kill to survive in the wild would give some of the more delicate flowers in Hollywood heart palpitations.

Hollywood doesn’t handle such subjects well, see the train wreck that was made out of Starship Troopers’ take on moral philosophy and the responsibility of citizens vs. state.

If Tunnel ever does get made, it will look like “Lord of the Flies” with lasers and some sort of authoritarian “Hunger Games” government forcing frightened and screaming kids to colonize primitive worlds against their will or for sport…


They did give it a go with Ender’s Game but good lord was that movie a huge joke compared to the book. Found the movie to be dreadfully boring. I suspect that Ender’s Game might work best as a mini-series because the pacing of a movie would not allow for Ender’s character development.


I’d call it “a swing and a miss”. :slight_smile:


I’d like to see Time Enough For Love as miniseries. Maybe without all the incest.

Honestly, there’s so much low hanging fruit of SF classics It boggles me the crap that does get made, predominantly PKD or might as well have been written by him. Where’s:
Difference Engine (miniseries)
Fire Upon the Deep
Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen
The long rumored Ringworld
Mote in God’s Eye
You get the idea.