Startling microscopic view of a butterfly

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Thats the second most terrifying set of genitalia ive ever seen!


Wow, pretty.
I wonder how they look with a speed metal backing track.

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You forgot the NSFW tag!!!

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I work for a company that manufactures electron microscopes. I just wanted to point out a couple of things: First, Scanning Electron Microscopes are referred to as either an “ess-ee-em” (SEM) or “sem.” Not “SEMS” in all caps like that-- that’s potentially confusing as it’s not an actual acronym.
Also, while modern SEMs are capable of resolution down the the sub-nanometer scale, most images we see (including the butterfly images referenced) are at the micro-meter (or “micron”) scale. Images of features the nano-meter really aren’t so easily recognizable as “surface defect” or “butterfly genitalia.”


Hmph. Seen one dick-pick, seen 'em all. Boh-ring!

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Thank you!

Hmm… Falstaff’s armor?


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