State of California imposes 12-months' worth of sanctions on Wells Fargo


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It is a step in the right direction.

A small step, and late in coming, but better than nothing.

Banksters take note :smiling_imp:


How could he trust almost any bank in the country? Maybe California needs to build a bank of their own.


There is no need for Big, Intrusive, Big Government to punish this Corporate Citizen by taking away its Constitutional Right to fleece and defraud without interference or consequence. If Wells Fargo really has done something wrong, the Free Market will handle this.


My mortgage is handled by Wells Fargo and I’m considering hiring a couple of stage coach robbers to get it back for me. “Think you used enough dynamite there, Butch.” Yes, I’m mixing up my symbolisms…


I tried, but failed to feel any empathy for Wells Fargo.


The rule of law is what bothers me here. This is too close to the GOP trying to prevent Planned Parenthood from receiving medicare funding for approved services it performs. The big difference here is that Wells Fargo broke the law, but sanctions should be codified rather than being left to the whim of the state treasurer.


The DOJ needs to get up off their shoulders and prosecute some people.


I felt empathy for them, then I found out empathy doesn’t mean ‘murderous rage that is barely controllable’. All in all I feel like I grew as a person…


Isn’t this a free market thing? The state is not required to do business with any particular organisation, and in this case they won’t be doing business with that particular organisation.


There’s a lot of potential for abuse, such as giving cronies special contracts cough Cheney and Halliburton uncough. So there have to be some checks on how the state decides to award and deny contracts.


Your question is appropriate.

Still, I’m happy to see something vaguely relevant happen as a result of bankster criminality


Don’t you understand?

Having the people do something collectively that big business has expressed interest in is communism. It doesn’t matter how poorly, how inefficiently, or how criminally big business chooses to provide that service. It’s not our place to interfere.

Eventually they’ll get tired of profiteering at the expense of the masses and start doing their job well


Well aware. Wouldn’t it be neat to watch the conservative heads explode?


This should end in the death penalty for Wells Fargo. I don’t believe in the death penalty… for people. For corporations, I’m more like Texas.


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