Station Eleven: great post-apocalyptic novel

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The Amazon website makes it a little hard to find the date on books. Awhile ago I downloaded The Earth Abides and didn’t know it was from 1949, it was lumped in with a bunch of contemporary apocalypse novels. When I read it I kept getting weird touches and doubts due to the extreme differences between when I assumed the author wrote and when he actually wrote it. Carburetors? The guy can’t find the date after a couple of months? What about all the digital watches?

It was a funny thing to read.

The comparison between Station Eleven and The Earth Abides had me searching the Amazon page to see when the former was published. That information really should be up with the page count and author name.

I knew when The Earth Abides was written so I avoided that problem. I can see the trouble that would cause. Moreso with The Purple Cloud (also recommended, if… weird).

Don’t get me wrong: It was a delightful problem. A mindwarping perspective shift.

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For whatever reason, I keep remembering that the tires mounted on the wall-display don’t go flat. Odd detail to remember.

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I’m about 75% through. I’m enjoying it, the style is great, but I’m not entirely convinced by the world building. So almost everyone has died and the survivors have regressed to 16th century tech. There’s enough surplus in the economy to support a twenty-thirty strong group of travelling theatricals, which suggests that those that survived are no longer living hand to mouth, but there’s a surprising lack of rebuilding, it’s a very passive society.
Probably no less possible that SM Stirling’s ‘The SCA takes over the world’ books.

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One of my definite bugbears of Amazon. When the book was listed on Amazon’s site is of course interesting, but actual publication date is as well, not just the edition you happen to be looking at. Too many series out there with twenty volumes all published on the same day and no obvious way of working out the reading order.


Yes! I remember that too. It might be memorable because it showed how smart the kid was.

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