Steam offers an offensive videogame on homelessness

It is a proximity problem. From the point of game mechanics this sounds like any other survival game, a very popular genre at the moment, but because the setting is known and sensitive to us and not handled well by trying to make it fun it offends. The issue is they mock the problem, or try to make it romantic and fun.

Compare let’s say a war game set in WWII, there are plenty of those. They are fine as games because they don’t mock or make fun of the actual suffering of real soldiers and victims.

But many games a morally questionable, in may MMOs you often kill dozens of people just to get something like a better hat. It only hits you when things get too real.

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Still, most of them don’t stigmatize living people who are undergoing a crisis IRL right now. There is a particular kind of cruelty in that.


If you want a game that does a good job of representing and humanizing the homeless, consider the latest Yakuza title.

(Minor spoilers)

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