Stock art for a new Gilded Age


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Rawthuh dashing and dapper, eh Smootly old boy?


roger stone?

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Their feet are very small…


Does this mean we can retire Rich Uncle Pennybags?

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Now just wait for the dating simulator.

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@doctorow I was going to upload these to Wikimedia Commons but I went to the source and I am not sure the scans are public domain (I could be under/over caffeinated though)


People who claim scans are “derivative works” are mostly bluffing.

Bridgeman v. Corel settled that scans of public domain images are usually not newly copyrightable, just because it’s a scan.

There needs to be a significant “spark of originality” in a derivative work. It’s not just how much work it takes to make a scan.

You probably can’t re-use the specific set they’ve chosen to reproduce as a complete set elsewhere. If someone makes a “Top Ten Paintings of the Renaissance” you can’t wholesale grab the whole collection and republish it as the same thing. But you can use each scan of a public domain work individually.

If non-creative scans were re-copyrightable, then the Internet Archive would hold more intellectual copyrights than Disney.

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