Stop all the clocks


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You know, I’ve never really understood the validity of this argument:


The phrase was coined in the age prior to digital:

If this one stops, it will tell the correct time for 2 seconds each day.



You old folks have such funny joeks!


Can everybody see this image, or is it gone for just me?


Sweet, merciful FSM, I do NOT want to know what’s behind that thar clock!


Hmmm, I guess I’m just not getting your point…

It is I :L⅂ twice a day, right?


You’d need to start with a training spider, then work your way up.





what time is it?










Well, seeing as you asked…

(Warning - May cause extreme constipation in arachnophobes)


That’s a slightly more frightening pet than the tarantula a friend of mine had when we were quite little.










Q: What’s worse than finding a huge spider in your toilet just before sitting down to use it?

A: Finding it there only after you’ve gotten up again.


It’s an analog kind of thing.


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