StoryAI, a bot that autocompletes a story for you

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Yeah, no thanks, I’ve already found the only Storybots for me



Quit dillydallying around Boing Boing and get back to work! Go go! Move move! Now!


This appears to be an email harvesting site to me. As much as I’d like to see how it completes my story “There was a loud knock on the door. I opened it and standing there was a tall, thin alien. It said it was hungry and asked me to make it a grilled cheese sandwich. I invited the alien in and made the sandwich. It ate the sandwich, then ate my hands,” I don’t really want to enter my email.


Endorsed by both Barbara Cartland AND R.L.Stine! Double-endorsed by the Law & Order writing team!

You too can write 250 books with the same plot!

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Evidently it has been a victim of its success. I got nada for my attempt. Site has prolly crashed - or the robot is only working US office hours?

Update: Got my result. Total garbage.


How’s this different from Talk To Transformer, an earlier autocompleting thingy using GPT-2?

Oh NO.

“I am so, so sorry for this, but I discovered that by typing a sexy first sentence, you can make AI bots write the worst erotica imaginable.”


A storybot will be perfect for filling in biographies once “displaced by automation; thence penury and unto Soylent green” becomes too common an obituary to keep running over and over.

Here at AlgoDyne Capital Partners, we like to think that our industry-leading “Telling Your Life Story™” initiative keeps a human touch in human obsolescence.


I just use Talk to Transformer and got a way superior result. Superior but still unuseable. Sorta like artworks painted by an elephant. It’s art, but not as we know it Jim.

I got zilch.

I fed it the first few lines from Tale Of Two Cities and got this:

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