'Strict Machine,' Goldfrapp (2003)

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[Insert Ellen Page GIF from “Hard Candy” here]

That album cover would almost but not quite look right at home on LiarTownUSA. Just needs an extra absurd name.

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Well, they sure gave that Amiga a workout. Never noticed how bad her teeth are until now. Was that before Invisalign?

I remember falling in love with this song when it was played on a Nintendo Gameboy commercial. That commercial was wonderfully trippy just like the song. Really enjoy almost all of their music.

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I’m always up for a bit of dancing-doghead, electro-glam-pop; and dig some kaleidoscopic imagery.

Goldfrapp’s voice is fantastic, but more to the point, the programming is so… organic? Dynamic? Nuanced? Crafted? It’s incredible, only Boards of Canada and Plaid come close in my view.

Those first three albums are all just fabulous.

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