Strip club gave away tents with their logo to homeless people

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“For over 40 years, Deja Vu Showgirls have been helping American men to pitch tents in their pants. We recently decided it was finally time to take the service to the next level.”


It IS a marketing ploy. And it also is helping people, I guess. I mean doesn’t the Red Cross brand their stuff too? Why aren’t they or the Salvation Army passing out tents? Or churches (though some of them run homeless shelters etc.)

Groan, but also funny. An appeal to authority argument?


The fact that its branded is not great but then again any publicity is good publicity for some, it also had the side effect of bringing more attention to the plight of homeless folk in the area so i’d say its a win-win.


Good for them. I assume the play here is that the local news channels always love to do reports from homeless encampments, so this is a pretty good way to get some free airtime. Plus they can write off some of this as a business expense, too. Seems a small burden on anyone in exchange for something that makes homeless folks’ lives a bit less awful.

ETA: I’m pretty sure that’s the one and only strip club I’ve ever been to, now almost 30 years ago, for some friend’s bachelor party. Found it all to be dull as dishwater.


Capitalism. Sometimes corporate interest overlaps with humanitarian side effects.

I’d prefer we make corporations pay taxes to put people in housing instead.


And if they put their name on it, they can declare it as a marketing expense. It’s hard to tell how good the tents are, but really, the answer is: better than no tent.

Some people are easily outraged by a French word on a tent. Also, outraged by a strip club … in Vegas??


“What am I going to tell my kids?”

I dunno, you should have thought about that before you had kids. The world isn’t child-safe, so you’re going to have to explain some uncomfortable things if you’re a prude.


In fairness, there’s no easy way to explain to children why our society to its own collective detriment and cost leaves some people to die of hunger and exposure. But they have to learn about the “free” market sometime. Oh, she’s worried about having to explain why some humans pay to see nekkid people! /s


Why did she feel she had explain the whole “gentleman’s club” thing to her kids?

“It’s a company’s name. It’s French for ‘I’ve seen that already’.”


Ya know, I don’t think there was an intentional marketing attempt via the homeless. I think they just had a bunch of spare tents. The homeless just happened to be lucky beneficiaries of tents resulting from poor marketing strategy.


Throw in some Homeless Hotspots and we got ourselves some real dystopian marketing behaviors.

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After watching the news clip I can’t help but think the mother who complained is a bit of an idiot. She was upset, “when she had to explain the nature of the adult entertainment club,” after her child asked about the words…
On the one hand, I think she manufactured the problem, because why couldn’t you just explain what deja vu means? OTOH, maybe the kid was too young to understand about glitches in the matrix.


Its also Las Vegas. Having lived there myself there’s no shortage of very visible billboards and advertising for stripclubs everywhere. If there mere name of a stripclub triggers pearl clutching this poor soul is in the wrong city.


“Some people have no home to live in, but a group of people with no clothes took their money and instead of buying clothes, bought them tents to live in to keep the rain and sun off of them.”

(ETA I know this is only half truths, but it makes a nice story.)


Shameless, naked commercialism or pie-in-the-sky-clad altruism? So hard to tell without seeing their briefs.


My condolences. I’ve passed through a few times back in my college days when I was too poor to cross the continent by aircraft and gas was a dollar a gallon. Other than getting to see Cirque du Soleil during its heyday, I couldn’t get out of Dodge fast enough.

I’ve since learned, ironically, the trick of camping at camp grounds, but that probably would’ve been a fatal strategy in Death Valley in the summer.

Are you making a pun… or was this an accident?


You’ll never meet a more selfless group of people than Las Vegas entertainers. Those guys down at the Hunk Mansion on Dean Martin Drive will give you the shirts right off their backs.