Structural Separation: antitrust's tried-and-true weapon for monopolists who bottleneck markets

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This sounds extremely sensible and well within existing anti-trust law. The move towards deregulation started in the 1970s, and we’ve seen that it has a lot of negative consequences. At best, we wind up with an oligopoly as with automobiles or airlines or internet service providers. At worst, network effects leave us with a single provider.

This was more or less the logic behind the Bell System breakup which split the local land line distribution system, the bottleneck, from the long distance system and lowered long distance service rates. I’m glad to see this kind of thing coming out. The neoliberals who trashed our economy spent decades on propaganda and “education”. This is an important part of the pushback.

Netflix, Hulu and HBO “Originals” are going to be a powerful piece of counter-propaganda should those companies step into this fray…

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