Study: Farmer and hunter groups 'kept their distance' from each other in Stone Age


Cue Cain and Abel references in 3…2…


This is still going on! The farmers went on to found civilization and the hunters . . . well, they’re still hunting!

I knew it was all over when they announced the first advancements in technologies of gathering conference in 68,235 BC.


The hunters (and the gatherers) became the hunted pretty quickly once agricultural civilization got its act together. The remnants either live in places that are uneconomic to exploit, or are hobbyist/specialist offshoots of agricultural civilization.

It’s not what you’d necessarily call a good lifestyle choice; but once a civilization gets an agricultural system capable of sustaining God King Somebody III’s army of conquest going, it isn’t going to be pretty for their neighbors…


The divide between socialists and libertarians goes way back…


Hunter 1: “Logically we should price our product based on what the market will—”
Hunter 2: “BEAR!”


Not sure if that was a joke, but there’s substantial evidence in the Old Testament that this very dynamic played out, violently, in the ancient Near East. The story of Cain and Abel is pretty likely a reflection of this, as well as a lot of the Israel vs Canaan battles in the Pentateuch. So yea, Cain. Abel.

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Is that a joke, or are you seriously suggesting that that statement is something other than a category error in pre-currency societies with almost nothing resembling a ‘market economy’ (or any of the reactions against such)?

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