Supreme Court explained in infographic

Coolios. I was actually referring to the very concerned newcomer upthread, Heather, sorry that wasn’t clear.

According to Jeffrey Toobin’s book about the Supreme Court, The Nine, Thomas is the most influential conservative on the bench. Scalia has a reputation as “the scholarly justice”, but, according to Toobin, Thomas influences Scalia more often than the reverse.

Toobin also reveals why Thomas declines to participate in oral arguments: the justices have read the briefs and mostly made up their minds by the time oral arguments roll around; Thomas thinks of the oral arguments more as political theater than scholarly debate.



A one-trick pony, it seems.

In all fairness, I’m not chucking out Elton John because he took the wedding gig the next time around…

Which, to this less-than-average scholar, is fucking amazing. That one justice on the Supreme Court could be thought of as more scholarly than the other [Yale/Harvard/UCSC*/Columbia] top-of-their-class peers is amazing.

*One can dream. GO SLUGS!

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Thomas is batshit insane, but as Jeffrey Toobin explains much of the country is also batshit insane. Thus the disconnect.

Batshit insane is in the eye of the beholder :wink:

I’ll just leave this paragraph from Thomas’ dissent this morning right here… his opinion on human dignity as it relates to the law:


I wonder what he makes of our nation’s declared purpose to secure the “unalienable rights” of “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.” Sounds like he thinks that should be none of the government’s concern.

What an intellectually dishonest man.


I always found the whole “Pubic hair on the coke can” thing to be a bit bizarre.

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In all fairness, Elton can be a bit batshit crazy as well.

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