Supreme Court rejects bid to stop Biden's student debt relief plan

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To be clear, this wasn’t due to an ideological change of heart on Barrett’s part but because it was undeniable that this “Wisconsin taxpayers group” (no doubt yet another right-wing astroturf op) had no real standing to sue.


Yep. That was exactly what I expected it would get bounced for, too. Not sure who WOULD have standing to sue Biden for the changes he’s made, but a rando group suing because “student loan relief will make it harder for us to force people into jobs they don’t want” ain’t it.


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This is good news. But I hear there are other lawsuits pending. A more competently crafted one could stick.



This was one of the stupidest lawsuits ever:

  • It was filed before the rules were even published, so they had no way of determining whether there was ever going to be damage and if they had standing,

  • Even before the rules were published, it was pretty obvious that it would require an application for loan forgiveness; if they don’t want “damage” from loan forgiveness, they don’t have to apply,

  • Any “damage” from tax on loan forgiveness would be significantly less than the value of the loan and the interest they would need to pay if the loan wasn’t forgiven. While this doesn’t actually remove “damages,” only an idiot would think it worse to pay taxes on a $20,000 forgiven loan (say, $1,060) than to pay back the principal ($20,000) and interest (at 6.5% over 10 years about $7,250).

This was amateur hour all the way down. Which pretty much sums up what these people have become after decades in their fact free echo chambers.


I’m very glad someone else gets how important standing is. Very often cases on big issues like this end up failing for technical reasons like standing, which have nothing to do with the issue itself. This group couldn’t show injury, so … bye bye!


It’s funny, I’ve mentioned in multiple places how I’m for this despite paying off my loans (shortly after the hold went into place, after nearly 14 years of paying).

Today I got a refund for my paid off loans, out of the blue, along with a notice to apply for forgiveness. One of my kids got notice a few days ago that her loans will be forgiven on November 4th or 14th, I forget. I remember the ACA rollout and the website that constantly crashed. Biden’s loan thing is running on all cylinders so far. Dems really need to hype up their successes.


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