Surprise! The CIA will keep running the drone war


Ugh, they are sooo boring – they just drone on and on…

and keep thinking they’re James Bond, or at least Derek Flint. . . .

Naw, they think that they are Zeus righteously meting out justice from above.

Ah, but in their heart of hearts, they REALLY want to be Doctor Evil. Nehru Jacket. Minions. Air Quotes. . . .and a “laser”. . …


Wait why would I believe the the DOD/JSOC would be anymore forthcoming with their drone operations than the CIA is? It was my understanding that they were already eyebrows deep in drone ops anyway.

Sounds like the country’s real leaders put their collective foot down.

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We have to automate the drones. Give them AI. Only when they become self sufficient and turn on us will sentiment turn against them.


I know the tendency here is to snark and give drones cute tumblr/twitter sites, but this is a sad state of affairs for the US. We’re now killing people indiscriminately around the world based on the haziest of justifications. The president tells us to just not worry and then jokes privately at how good he is at killing people. And since he’s the media’s darling, it’s dismissed as GOP partisan grousing.

It was bad enough when we deployed soldiers to areas of no interest or business being involved in. But when given the power to steal our privacy or dispense death at the push of a button, the current occupant of 1600 Penn hasn’t ever met an abuse of power he couldn’t justify using endlessly.


I see your point, and i agree, but I’d have to say there is a LOT of discrimination involved.

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I’m don’t see this ending well. I’m no friend of the US but it’s actions are putting their allies in as much danger as itself. Al Quaeda and the rise of terrorism is causally related to western nations fucking around for decades in Asia and the Middle East. The situation escalated 2001 and I understand that the US tried to put the lid on a boiling pot with their (military) actions since then but instead of developing strategies to deescalate the situation it’s steadily turning the heat further up.

I don’t fear for the US - they got/get what they deserve(d) but it’s allies will lumped together with it (we’ve already seen it: London 2005 , Madrid 2004). And what do those “allies” get for the trouble? They get spied on, industrial espionage and treatment like an enemy nation (e.g. Germany).

Why do the Paki’s allow this to continue? There are several countries that would probably be delighted to get invited in for a little drone-hunting.

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