Survivor, a story from Black Candies: The Eighties

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Black Candies: The Eighties (published by So Say We All Press) features 23 stories of analog horror that slice through the late-night whirr of VHS, the big hair, and neon parties to prove that nostalgia is the real murderer behind the mask.

Sarah LaBrie’s story "Survivor" from Black Candies: The Eighties reexamines the relationship between the masked killer and his victim, a lively take that usurps the "final girl" trope from ‘80s slashers. Enjoy!


I like it!

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I liked the story, but it left me wondering about a theme that seems to be used a lot in popular fiction. Do people have real friends anymore? In many shows and movies, what they call friends or best friends are really only acquaintances or frenemies. Is this art imitating life, or a sad social trend?

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I am so glad I wasn’t accepted into this magazine. This story is absolute garbage. I was out by the second sentence. The opening paragraph isn’t even PROPER English in some parts…oh my god, what a waste of time.

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