SWWE Broadcast #10: "Jules Vern was a Copycat, How to Prank a Bird, Ice Cream on TV is Often Mashed Potatoes, and It’s Been 3 Years Since I’ve Had a Drink."

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Just as an addendum. Holey moley, never heard of this or seen this one, posted below.

“Switched on Bach” is a famous electronics album where Wendy Carlos used an early moog synth to perform classical music. (Carlos also did the soundtracks for many Kubrick films, and Tron)

In terms of the “Switched On” title, I’d heard there were subsequent knock offs.

Just found on Internet today. This looks incredible!

Another fun item that showed up today in conversation is this joystick for an Apple II era computer. I love the look of it. Behold the SUPER JOY:

Discussing this with others, the possibility to make it a CV controller for eurorack or 5U is possible, in particular that its pin read out seems to match modular standards of 5v and +/- 12v. Here’s info on all after-market Apple Computer joysticks and their pin readout: http://www.1000bit.it/support/manuali/apple/R023PINOUTS.TXT?fbclid=IwAR2G1hs3z-eEF5NEuoBnQO3cVVtgBbTxpE4uj_tj0grK9Fh1tRv91W2e-lI

I really admire good ascii text design:

Tech details ignored, just look at that lovely case and design. Almost follows a Buchla color scheme. I found it on Ebay earlier but it’s sold. Which is good because I don’t need another project. But you can see all the nice packaging and other details. This is a very nice looking joystick. Here’s all the pics:

I like that it’s called “Super Joy 1” implying there might be a Super Joy 2.

You know, like the Jules Verne sequel to Swiss Family Robinson.

#CancelJulesVerne! (just kidding…)

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