Syria just gassed its own people. Trump blames Obama's 'weakness and irresolution'

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Hey now, his pal Putin’s puppet Bashar-el-Assad wouldn’t gas his own people, generating more refugees to dump on the west, which extreme-right political movements would use to gain popularity and further destabilize western countries. That’s just crazy talk!


Obama’s time machine strikes again!

I mean, it’s the only logical conclusion. Republicans couldn’t possibly look bad if it weren’t for Obama erasing and planting evidence throughout the space-time continuum.


Temporal paradoxes and the impossibility of time travel have not discouraged Trump’s batty followers; to them, thought is reality. That is the challenge facing us.


Temporal paradoxes do not apply to secret Muslims like Obama!


He’s probably jealous of what the Syrian government can get away with.


Is blaming Obama for something which occurred 5 months after the election

  • despicable
  • contemptible
  • an excuse for past incompetence
  • an excuse for future inaction
  • an effort to distract from the Russian collusion quagmire
  • Presidential
  • an outstanding display of leadership
  • other (answer in comments below)

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Excuse me, people?!

I’m no fan of Trumpthulhu’s eldritch orange glow but you’re ignoring history and reality, to reinforce your hate of the Chee-to-in-Chief. Yes, Obama’s foreign policy had DIRE issues and was filled with aggression, such as:

  1. Supporting a coup by Neo-Nazis in the Ukraine, then complaining when the majority of the population objected and revolted against the coup.
  2. Tacitly threatening war with Russia quite a few times, both in Ukraine (we got very pissy with Russia when our Neo-Nazis failed to take the entire country immediately and we threatened to enforce a “no-fly” zone in retaliation) and over the placement of ABMs along Russia’s border (directly against treaty; ABMs are considered offensive weapons).
  3. Threatening to “ring China with ABMs”. See above. This is fantastically aggressive, especially considering it would require stationing nuclear-capable ships regularly along China’s coast. How do you think the US would respond to this? (See also “Cuban Missile crisis” for a good idea)
  4. Funding, arming, and training quite literally ALL SIDES of the Syrian conflict at one time or another, including known ISIL/ISIS and Al Qaeda associates/subgroups.
  5. Honduras. This is where Hillary showed her true colors, imo, long before she smooched-up Kissinger in that incredibly creepy love-fest.

I agree that Obama was definitely much better at domestic policy, and he was and is far more of a statesman than Chump will ever be, even in his fondest, most Dreamsicle-tinted dreams, but that simply doesn’t even come close to excusing the foreign policy mistakes (and outright evils) perpetrated under Obama’s aegis. Neoliberalism is an evil, as much as neoconservatism, and there’s simply no excuse.


So should we expect Trump to blame Obama for everything that happens in the next few years?


I think you’re basically right that Obama made some horrific International policy decisions. And I also seem to remember much chastising and yelling on comment threads on this site. Obama fucked up a number of times with his foreign policy. That’s not under dispute. It’s just that #45’s blustering scares the shit out of me in a way that Obama never did.


I don’t think there has ever been a perfect solution to what’s going on in Syria, particularly when Russia is on Assad’s side. Even giving more support to the YPG means ruining our diplomatic relations with Turkey, but that might still be the best option. The plain fact is that when a superpower takes any side in a local conflict it invites trouble at some point down the line.

Trump, who touted how he would send back 200,000 Syrian refugees during the campaign, is crying crocodile tears for those gassed, if he’s crying at all.

Maybe Trump should send John Bolton to the UN to demand a humanitarian end to the conflict. (/s)


Sadly I only can resort to sarcasm in times like these…


I agree. To recap:

Trump said Obama should not attack Syria.
Obama did not attack Syria.
Therefore, everything is Obama’s fault.


Basically this. ^

I think both Obama (and the hypothetical Clinton II administration) was prone to further embedding us into the mideast clusterfuck on behalf of Wall Street- But at least in their case, it was with some sort of plan based on a fairly comprehensive understanding of the situation. This guy is more likely to just nuke something and see what happens.



The return of Yelly McMustache?!


That’s really what’s key here, not Obama’s foreign policy, but how our leaders react in a time of tragedy and crisis. Can you imagine if Theresa May’s reaction to this gas attack was to say “Well, I think David Cameron’s limp-wristed weakness bears some responsibility here,” and implicated him in this attack, rather than condemn the attackers themselves and demand an investigation into war crimes?

Whatever your feelings on Obama, the optics here are that that Trump made America look like shit yet again, and this time, in the service of a slaughter of the people he wants to kick out of the country.


Yes, pretty much.


So he really is Fox New Grandpa then.

This is fucking amazing. We’ve got the administration claiming that this “cannot be ignored” - and then ignoring it, blaming Obama (for apparently not doing what Trump thought he shouldn’t do), while also ignoring Trump’s own administration’s incompetent recent statements about Syria that many people think directly led up to this (which suggested that they would do nothing to challenge Assad’s rule, no matter what). Add to that Rex Tillerson’s refusal to comment on this situation, even when directly asked by the press.