Taiwan lockdown: cops visited, threatened man whose phone ran out of batteries

They notified me that my phone would be “satellite-tracked” for enforcement

… and probably shoot them with space lasers when they don’t comply :thinking:

So happy to be in Taiwan now

A few months ago in Taiwan there were 25 cases, now there are around 250.
In the same time the US went from 0 to >66,000.

Whatever they are doing, they should keep doing it.


So Taiwan, I set up Thunderbird and it keeps downloading a thousand messages or so then deleting everything. So far it’s not deleting the present, but it would be nice for it to not only be in the present but not delete it. Maybe send instructions stuck to a RasPi3B+ heatsink set?


So what if someone turns off their phone for valid reasons?

Ex: I put my phone in airplane mode a lot since most people who need to reach me have signal or my email.

Or turn it off entirely to focus.

Turning off 4G and going wifi only also increases battery a bit.

Also, remember that scary Chinese malware that got blasted en masse at Uyghurs? It did not persist after boot on iOS due to how Apple signs all it’s shit.

Anyways, as a privacy fan, I worry that things like above will label me as “abnormal” in some fucking panopticon database despite staying home except for groceries since before I was required to.

i’ll tape it to a roomba


Our glorious leader knows what is best for the nation and the people.
You must keep your phone personal location device switched on and about your person at all times.
Fail to conform and expect to be interned.
What are you, some sort of commie or foreign agitator?
You’re an enemy of the state, an enemy of the people, that’s what you are.


So, welcome to China - and coming to a state near you soon.
Here is a short list of those who would wet their pants at the hint of a chance to enact such measures.
There are plenty more…

i’m just a tech

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