Filipino man fined $3500 for breaking quarantine in Taiwan for 8 seconds

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That’s pretty harsh considering he’s probably in debt already to a labor broker and waiting so he can get to work and earn meager wages. Taiwan doesn’t treat its imported laborers all that well.


I’m inclined to doubt it. If it happened to Karen or Brett, sure, the militia LARPers would probably come out of the woodwork; but if one of the anonymous and expendable imported labor units was disciplined for disobedience? Not seeing quite as much concern materialize there.


This does seem overly harsh, and as others have said this guy can probably afford that less than most.

I’m actually quarantined in Tokyo right now, and my biggest complaint is that it’s not entirely clear what I am and am not allowed to do. The only hard and fast rule I’ve been told is that I can’t take public transport, but I have been very specifically told that I can go out to do essential shopping, which doesn’t really strike me as “quarantine” exactly. I’ve also read in some places that I’m allowed to spend up to an hour out of my room each day, which seems even less like quarantine. None of that is coming from official sources, though, and the official sources are extremely light on detail. I’m being a good boy, but some more explicit rules would be nice.


So happy to be living in Taiwan right now.

Feels like living in the eye of the hurricane.
I guess this is what a non-political, effective CDC can do for you.

Taiwan ~24,000,000 people, density ~1700/sqm
Covid deaths 7

Texas ~29,000,000 density ~110/sqm
Covid deaths 23,000


In my country a delivery boy working for one of those smartphone based food delivery platforms got fined 400€ for eating a pie on the street.

At the time the fine was for not wearing a mask (whilst eating) but they soon after also banned all eating in public.

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