Take a nostalgic trip through the "Art of Atari"


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The game cover art was always so cool compared to the actual game graphics.


In light of recent posts, its hard not to perceive this as a Jedi Mind Trick to make us all ignore what litigious bottom feeders the remnants of this once-grand institution have become…


I forget which game it was but one came with a small comic book that provided an elaborate backstory with a host of interesting characters.

The game itself was a slight letdown.


Swordquest: Earthworld came with a comic book, some of whose lines stay with me these many years later. “Kathu morus mahkto!”

It included a few entertaining mini-games, but the overall quest was a little less exciting than the comic book depicted. Walk around from room to identical room, picking up and dropping objects to see if anything happens.


I never understood why the nuclear defense guy wore a helmet.


Should read “specially commissioned to ensure that children and adults alike were both extremely disappointed by the actual graphics of the game”


Maybe he was heading to baseball practice once he got off work?


More like Spaceballs cosplay if you ask me.


sigh, they don’t make the cover art like that any more. Nowadays, it just ‘generic grizzled action hero with gun walking in front of explosion/fire/dead alien’ on the front.


Given that the room he worked in had missiles firing through it, I understand a helmet, though it seems like he should have more safety gear, really. Lots of OSHA violations there.

Perhaps the helmet design was because he was a big Twiki fan?


every single nostalgic button in my body: PRESSED.


Might get this… I didn’t have an Atari, I some how got a Sears version of the Intellivision. I thought it sucked back then, but in hindsight it was a much better system.





Well, that’s basically what most games are these days.


You expected an animated Leroy Neiman painting from an Atari 2600?


Didn’t “Atari” publish the neverwinter nights games?


Use your imagination, kid.


Even today, the graphics for jungle hunt are much more realistic in my minds eye than they ever were on the black and white screen I played it on all those years ago.


But who expected the game graphics to be better, really? That’s what there was, and we were glad to have it! shuffles off muttering

I would love to have this book, and also my Atari 2600 console back.