Take on the Italian mob in this hit game

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It’s 14.88 on clearance at Walmart right now (Xbox one)
I’m really enjoying it.


3…2…1…attorney general of x state accuses BB of perpetuating violence by selling violent video games.


Remember, violent video games are inherently bad because they promote guns (which are inherently good).


For that kind of price difference I’d rather support BoingBoing.


Or it’s a mere $12 here (Humble Monthly Bundle) https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly with Deus Ex Mankind divided & Godeater 2 & who knows what else when the whole bundle opens. As a bonus a decent share of the cash goes to charity.


There’s actually no overlap - this is for the Steam (i.e. PC) version. Which is actually, as @Alistair_Stray pointed out, going for $12 (in a package along with a number of other games) via Humble Bundle monthly. This is a badly timed sale… although in general, PC games rapidly become worthless under current sales dynamics.

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Nah, they’re just relieved it’s not the the Russian mob.

I’d rather not own a game where the goal is to commit murder and become a criminal overlord.

Then thankfully there are plenty to choose from where that is not the goal.

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I’m curious about the game, but I own old, low-end, hand me down computers that don’t meet its system requirements, and while I can afford a cheap game now and then I can’t afford to upgrade my machine’s CPU, GPU, and RAM.

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Nailed it.

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Hit game, get it? :stuck_out_tongue:

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You can choose to get revenge then move on. There is actually a penalty for seizing power.
It was nice seeing Vito again actually.
These games are about crime and power but also have some subtext. An example is how poverty can get us to do awful things to escape it.(Vito Mafia 2) or how essentially good people can be consumed by revenge when there’s little justice available and systemic racism
( Lincoln Mafia 3 )

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