Take the intelligence test that Thomas Edison gave to job seekers

Well, ever since he got disqualified the first time he played, and attempted to demonstrate his fitness for the game by electrocuting his competitor on-stage, the show has been somewhat reluctant to have him back. Despite an acknowledged flair for showmanship.


I so wish I got the royalties every time somebody kneejerk namedrops Tesla on any article about Edison.


Pretty sure he wouldn’t hire you for being a smartass. Which is probably half the point of the test.

Well, they’d get a low grade on my fictitious web game, but that would encourage them to study harder!

When I list the countries around the Mediterranean, I always start (going clockwise from the far West) with United Kingdom, Spain, France, Monaco…


I’m just gonna leave this here…

There’s nothing here that indicates that Edison did well on this test…

It’s almost as if he was calculating how much perspiration he’d’ve liked to have left him.


Silly question.

He was the inventor of the Bessemer process and he invented the Bessemer process of course.


Unladen sparrow?


That’s OK, you can just play along with the drinking game.

Edison does not sound like someone you would want to work for.


I’ve toured his factory and it kind of struck me as being very Apple-like. If you were a designer and had an idea there was a huge room literally filled with anything that you could use, millworkers and steelworkers to execute and if you were on the right side of the line it seemed like a pretty cool deal. Edison even clocked in himself every day, so it wasn’t like he wasn’t working as well.

But then there were the other jobs, the executing portion of things, where it starts to look like the other side of the Apple coin, the part called Foxconn, poor labor conditions, very unsafe, a lot of hours or dangerous chemicals with little regard to worker safety.

His house was designed by the same guy who did Twain’s house. There’s an interesting parallel they had with their dinner party habits. One would sneak away to go upstairs and get away from people to work, the other to get away from people and play with his kids. I’ll let you guess which was which.


Bit harsh. I bet Tesla would have just sacked them.


I thought it was just elephants he executed?


Depends on how he felt that day. One thing that struck me about his office was how he kept a cubic foot of polished copper prominently displayed on a pedestal, 99.99% pure, given to him by the copper manufacturers in response to his work as an electricity advocate.

Staggeringly expensive even then, it showed me how much people would bend over backwards to suck up to people and how much those who received such gifts left them out as ostentatious hints to other people.


Presumably he had to research the answers while coming up with the questions? I don’t know about you, but I’d have a hard time doing that without learning anything.

Wait, did you invent the Tesla/Edison rivalry?


We are not worthy.

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