TOM THE DANCING BUG: Super-Fun-Pak ComixPalooza!


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OMG, the Bechdel-Turing test!!! And “Childhood’s Ruined”!!! PERFECT!!!


Bechdel-Turing is a special kind of genius.

“Is this to be an empathy test?”


That’s so cute that he thinks in five years we’ll just be able to unplug “smart” devices.


Pretty much filler this time, except for the spot-on Ghostbuster whiner take-down.


Yep. Although maybe I am numb to it thanks to Michael Bay. I can’t judge how good or how awful the new film is until I see it. Just because they are women now really doesn’t bother me. I just want to be funny and not dumb.


Bechdel-Turing Test is pure genius. Gotta be prior art on that, no? (rummages Google) Everyone missed it! You’re beautiful, Ruben!


We already aren’t, people have to wait for the battery to run down or destroy the thing. And with Facebook already listening in on your conversations, who’s to say that, if you try it at some point in the future, the Android Police won’t break into your house and rescue your device, then charge you with cruelty? “He was planning to break me open and cut the leads to my battery, and Facebook has the evidence!”


To be fair, though, although Alan Turing behaved better towards women than some of his contemporaries (though he wasn’t very nice to Ciceley Popplewell), it was Gordon Welchman who devised traffic analysis - of which the Bechdel Test is an example - and who employed large numbers of women at Bletchley Park. So although the Turing test is more widely known, a Bechdel-Welchman test might be more informative.


Plot twist: Modern fossil fuels are actually derived from large masses of decaying Dunwoody.


Sometimes I think we’re already at that point and that our devices picked it up from the developers who think all problems could be solved by eliminating the user.


Oh sweet Sedna, I saw the “Bechdel-Turing” bit and knew that this deserves to be A Thing. So on the nose.


If you’d act the way you’re supposed to, they wouldn’t have to!


“I hated it all except for the part making fun of people who whine about stuff.”


Well, sure. All you’ll have to do is jab a fork right into that chip placed over the left prefrontal cortex.


I found “Darthfield” offensive. Anyone should know that a lightsaber wound is instantly cauterized, so there shouldn’t be blood spurting out of – Wait, unless “Kylo Nermal” bleeds because his lineage is part Galacian, which would mean… WHY, THAT’S PURE GENIUS! THIS COMIC IS AMAZING!


Those two are standouts!


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