Tales of the Gold Monkey, another lost tv treasure

Oh, damn. Nice reveal.

Bring Em Back Alive sucked!


Does Uncle Stash rhyme with cash or cosh?

Well I didn’t say it was good. I think I watched part of one episode. While both shows took liberties with historical accuracy the whole Frank Buck fighting Nazi’s in the south pacific was a bit much.
If you wanna see the real Frank Buck and legendary lion tamer Clyde Beatty, Africa Screams is available at archive.org. It is pretty standard studio era fare but not awful.

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cosh? Or Kosh, if you’re a Babylon-5 fan

I’ve only seen it spelled “Stosh”.


He spelled it Stash, so my hands are tied. Polish, definitely. I vaguely recall it was short for Stanislaus, which would explain shortening it with an “a” in there.

I really enjoyed this as a kid. After TOTGM disappeared, I was heartened to see Corky as Mac in Magnum P.I. And then devastated again when Corky met his demise on that show. (uh, spoilers).

Like some others here, I will likely not re-visit TOTGM so as not to tarnish the good memories I have of it.

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