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I think anarchism is interesting insofar as it can be informative to think about, but I’m not an anarchist. And perhaps the same for libertarianism- I’m not interested in libertopia, I just think it’s ideals and warnings are very important to be taken into account.



Do you have an example of the “jackboots and guns of government power” not backing up corporations?

Which do you think has historically happened more often? The government supporting the rich or failing to support them?


Did you notice that my original post said

Therefore if the measured inflation rate in 2015 was 2.6% then the allowable increase in 2016 would be 3.6%.


This. There is a pretty wide range of endgames out there between Somalia and Pyongyang, and when we continually assert that our opponents secretly (or openly) want one of just those two, it doesn’t help.


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