Tautology Club


Continuing the discussion from MSG is safe enough for me:

  1. The first rule of tautology club is the first rule of tautology club.
  2. The second rule of tautology club is you don’t talk about tautology club unless you’re talking about tautology club.

Bernie Sanders can only win if nonvoters turn out at the polls, and they almost never do
US congressman Steve King thinks white people are the most awesome "subgroup"
The price of stealing an identity is crashing, with no bottom in sight
MSG is safe enough for me

I came here to make a statement.

Constructive Dating Advice

Where ever @OtherMichael is, is where it’s at!


The third comment is the third comment.


The third rule of Tautology Club is that there are at least three rules.




Am I right in thinking that Tautology Club is Tautology Club?


This comment is stupid.


Pardon me while I take a brief glance at the hot water heater.


Yes, we get it, you’re Australian.


Is there a short summary of the rules?


The rules summary can be found in the coursework under Appendix: 17, titled How To Summarize Rules. It gives a brief summary of the methods used to summarize a summary of rules.


Is there a ruled summary of the shorts?


I nominate this guy as the official mascot of tautology club, because he embodies the meaning of tautology, so he should totally be the image that represents tautology club:


I like to convert my PIN number into a UPC code and then save it to a DVD disc.
Mini acronym tautologies are short.


Point of order: can we agree to disagree, agreeably?


ATM machine.


Can we reverse back this tautology thread?


RAS syndrome.


The rules are the rules of Tautology Club.