Teach your rooted Android phones to lie to apps about whether it's rooted


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wonder if it works with cyanogenmod

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i can’t imagine why it wouldn’t.

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That’s kind of amusing - a phone claiming to run un-rooted Cyanogenmod. Presumably apps that “need” to be on an un-rooted phone also wouldn’t want to run on CM (if their developers thought of that) so you’d need to lie about the OS as well.

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I just want to know how to make it stop pushing the OTA update Samsung is currently flogging. I really don’t give a shit about being able to use Gear. I’ve tried every trick I’ve seen online to get rid of the update and it keeps coming back. Once more and I’ll bite the bullet and install Cyanogen.

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I love this short blog post because in Australia root also means fuck. eg It sorta reads to me :
Teach your fucked Android phones to lie to apps about whether it’s fucked — There’s a funny paradox in fucking your Android phone. Once you take total control over your phone, some apps refuse to run, because they’re trying to do something that treats you as untrusted. Now there’s a utility called Fuckcloak that lets you tell your fucked phone to lie to apps about whether it is fucked. It’s both long overdue and a neat demonstration of what it means to be fuck on a computer


It is boggling to me that no one has done this before now.

Looks like. It requires Cydia Substrate, which “is designed to work on Android versions 2.3 or above, but will work on any ‘equivalent’ versions (systems like CyanogenMod or the Kindle Fire use their own versioning schemes).”

yeah “root” is indeed a rich word

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it can’t always be 100% effective, especially if you’re using a custom ROM because there are too many ways for an app to detect whether or not you have root access.

Not foolproof unfortunately.

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