Teenager shares info about Pentagon leaker — both were members of a small Discord group

As others said - arrested. He is so fucked, trying to impress randos on the internet. LOLs.


And he’s some low level dude – he can’t offer up his Russian handlers to help get off a little easier. Very fucked indeed.


MTG continues her love affair with criminals and treason by taking his side. Marjorie Taylor Greene complains suspected intel secrets leaker is ‘being treated like a traitor and criminal’ - Raw Story - Celebrating 19 Years of Independent Journalism


I wonder what Pentagon malfeasance he was “exposing” by revealing the strength of Ukrainian armoured brigades.


Um…Well…He could be charged with treason the way things are looking…So…He’s being treated with kid gloves as far as I’m concerned. :woman_shrugging:

As always with EmptyG and the Shitty Crew:
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In other words, OG didn’t leak for patriotism, principle, or even money. This motherfucker leaked for that most ineffable thing, something nonmaterial but nevertheless hyper-real in the logic of the poster, and particularly the right-wing-chud poster: clout.


Are we to believe that a 21 year old working on a small military base had access to hundreds of highly classified documents and he was able to copy them and post them on the internet without anybody noticing?

Really? Really?

I mean, I work for a tiny company but we do have some restrictions on who can access what on the servers and there is a log of who opened what and when and where from

I don’t know Rick, it smells fishy…


Maybe, if It was a spy/action tv series, It could be an operation to uncover a foreign Spy Ring.

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I feel like I need to clear up a few things.

First off this was probably not some script kiddie nonsense to get those documents. He just need to know how to hit the right switches with certain people. Those same people probably led the feds right back to him after a bit of backtracking.

Second, it’s possible he didn’t need to impress randos. He could have probably felt like he needed to impress just a single person. You’d be surprised to how much of an extent some people go to. I spent a significant amount time in the early 2010’s impressing a certain popular orange haired rock singer on a LiveJournal community with various OSINT stuffs so I might have experience with living with that kind of mindset :upside_down_face:


Now maybe we’ll get get to the bottom of that RPG character sheet.


Carrot Top?


Nope. I’ll just give a very brief example. I made a little movie suggestion to her (in a AMA-like session) and she ended up liking it. A LOT.

I don’t wanna talk about this sort of thing all day.


Look before you leak!


I assume he’s going to have a boss or bosses who also are going to be court martialed or arrested in the near future. Something presumably went very wrong for a low level recruit to have this data.


um … how old do people think soldiers are :confused:


My disbelief is less about his age and more about what his age implies about his service. Why does someone with less than 4 years in service have access to so much sensitive data from so many spheres? I thought they compartmentalized that shit and had controls for preventing ppl from taking it home.

The military absolutely recruits barely-adults regularly. But they don’t usually let them have the keys to the castle for a while

Edit to add: and children too, I think? Can’t someone join at 17?


Well, 21 is old enough to enlist but not much to have a long career that would grant him the rank necessary to access this stuff

I would think that even in the military, 21 year old soldiers don’t run the show…


He enlisted in 2019, and his job involves network security, which pretty much by definition requires clearance to access a lot of what’s on the network. (Although I’m sure they’ll be reviewing ways to try to limit that somewhat, especially when it comes to the networks for local branches of the Air National Guard.)

If you think that the military should only allow people with more than 4 years of service to work network security then they’re going to have a very difficult time finding enough people to do those jobs.


Chelsea Manning was 22 in 2009.