Ex-CIA Jeffrey Sterling gets 42 months for leaking to NYT. David Petraeus remains free


It’s not “who you know”, it is “who you blow”, in Betraeus’s case that is.

And I’m very sure there was some major DC style ass kissing Betraeus did to avoid jail…


It makes sense that someone whom intentionally leaked information (Sterling) would get a more punitive punishment than someone who leaked information negligently (Petraeus). Comparing the two is apples and oranges, similar to punishments for murder vs manslaughter.

Another victim of the sick, broken government. F@#$ your secrecy. I want the truth!


What about Scooter Libby? BullS@#$!


The law is a tattered doily barely obscuring the putrescent dick any of us might be forced to suck, at any time.


It makes sense that some relatively unknown person who acted conscientiously in response to governmental misconduct would receive a harsher punishment than a powerful person who was actively derelict in his duty.


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eventually, the police and the military will refuse to obey the owners and that’s when they lose.

so the black guy goes to jail?

Petraeus leaked information for his own gain, (he got sex and a biography).
He should have gone to jail for that alone.

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drew is unlikely to answer, so i will.



I disagree.

So edgy. You are the real MVP

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Oh you, always with your colorful turns of phrase.

if you’re curious

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I would like to suggest to the bloggers and editors that these pop-up astroturf accounts be somehow flagged as suspicious for archival and web search purposes as they manage to quickdraw and make first or second comment on every thread where leaks, spying, and 1917 espionage act make it to Boing Boing.
If the turfers want to sell their message at least make them participate in the BBS and/or knock them down the thread if they get flagged by the community.

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I’m totally happy for these jive turkeys to keep shooting themselves in the foot.

March on, soulless nonentities! Blindly wander into this garbage disposal, here.

Someday @codinghorror or others will just stop new accounts from posting for a couple of days. Now, he and the other say the community has to flag each and every one.

Why are you so convinced this user is an astroturfer? Is it unheard of for a new user to post an opinion in a controversial topic?

If anything it reads a little bit like trolling to me.

Good things opinion vary.

One topic posters tend to be assumed they’re trolls these days given what has happened in the last six months.

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