Petraeus gets 2 years probation, $100K fine, can travel to speak overseas, lives happily ever after


Our dear Lord in Heaven, what a rogue!

This is why we can’t have the nice things.


Look at it this way - for most of us $100,000 would be a serious fine indeed.


$100,000 is about 75% of his speaker’s fee…

So, basically his fine is one day of work at a time and place that is convenient for him. And $30,000 left over extra.


Well, this is a fine template with which to sentence Edward Snowden. With time served, Chelsea Manning could be pardoned today and have served far more.

And in case you missed it: Snowden and Manning were motivated by conscience, releasing documents to the public. Patreas was trying to impress his ladyfriend.



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I’d like to see a graphic of % of Petraeus jurors who thought the Mistress was hot, versus % of Manning jurors who thought Julian Assange was hot.

I’m not surprised by this at all. I disagree with it 100% - he deserves jail more than Manning - but not surprised. And even if he went to prison, it’d have been some country club minimum security facility. The privileged take care of each other.



Don’t forget about Jeffrey Sterling. He gets sentenced tomorrow. Wonder if any media outlets will use the juxtaposition of the two stories to highlight the hypocrisy.

“One set of rules for the powerful and connected, one set for the rest”


I’m thinking that having the intelligence agencies, the department of defense, and the department of justice all report to the same guy is bad, huh?

Howabout we relocate the DoJ to report to the House of Representatives? I think the youths should always have an ombudsman-like avenue to check a abuse of power by the bad apples of the olds who are entrusted to protect the nation.

He’ll wind up the darling of the right like that scumbag Ollie North…


Why, that’s barely enough for 15 Ivory backscratchers!


I don’t allow the US to have any secrets. And if they have a problem with that, I’ve got a problem with them.

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i really believe he had some pictures!

See? The system works!

(for those that are considered a part of the system.)

You’re right. Sterling, Manning, and Snowden are flunkies who opposed a rotten system. Petraeus was a shot-caller who used that system as intended, but was unfortunately outed. His fine will probably be paid by a patron.


When he was done, Judge Keesler said, “Mr. Petraeus, I want to wish you good luck.”

This judge knows which way is up.

Roget That!

way to make a sham of justice America

The opposition party should be pissed off as fuck about this and making it a 2016 election issue but unfortunately there is a collusion because they’d do the same fucking thing for someone in their trusted inner circle (and worse).

It is a goddamn old boy’s club and this has not changed just because they let a (half) black dude in.