Why you should be grateful to convicted leaker and noted liar, Gen. David Petraeus


Sorry, I could not find an image of Chelsea Manning as a female.

Chelsea Manning was sentenced to 35 years in prison, Gen. David Petraeus a slap on the wrist.



The P is pronounced with a B sound.


You know what, no, we should not be grateful. Silver linings are nice and all, but this situation is just awful and it must change. Petraeus is not the one who cracked down on Manning, but neither is he the one with the power to set her free. He’s just a really sterling example of privilege. I would be grateful if he used that as a podium to demand justice for all the Mannings.


Don’t these guys just quietly die whilst out walking the dog or rocking on the porch or something? As long as you don’t look too hard for needle marks, it might appear that they died of natural causes after being publicly proved to have not actually done anything to embarrass the powers they represent.

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No, but he did send a memo while he was head of the CIA, regarding the conviction of another whistleblower, which read


The definition of real power is the ability to apply law arbitrarily. Petraeus is white and straight, and he faithfully carried out his duties to support the profitability of the military industrial complex, without ever once questioning the legitimacy of the enterprise he led:

The Roman sword would never have conquered the world, if the grand fabric of Roman law had not been elaborated to save the man behind the sword from having to think for himself. In the same way, the British Empire is the outcome of College and School discipline and of the Church Catechism.


Come on now! He’s just a traitor, not a fucking whistleblower!

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