Army says Petraeus shouldn't be punished under military law for leaking top-secret materials

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i expect chelsea manning and edward snowden to be pardoned immediately.


The Army is generally run by a bunch of softies. They can’t hold a grudge for long.


Pour encourager les autres, I 'spect.

Maybe I missed it skimming the WaPo article, but gave the Army reasons why he shouldn’t be punished?

This government is a joke. They have developed an anti-credibility and anti-trust that rivals the communist state.

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Question for the lawyers and law students: if Petraeus is let off the hook, could that ruling serve as precedent for exonerating (or whatever the legal term is), Snowden?


“He also acknowledged he lied to FBI agents.”

In all fairness I do too whenever the chance presents itself.


The best part about the system is that we’re all technically equal in the eyes of the law.


So, giving away classified stuff while being a worker bee <> OK.
Giving away classified stuff while being boss = OK.

I thought the boss was supposed to set the tone and example?


this can be alright - if the boss is in the position to single-handed set the classification level (probably not the case here)

Probably not a great idea.

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See? Snowden should have chosen to be part of the boys club. Then he’d be fine.

You’ve clearly never been in the military.


To give an opinion, a lawyer might need more information than WaPo published.

For Petraeus, there’s a federal misdemeanor conviction under a plea agreement and a pending question of separate punishment by Defense Secretary Carter if he overrules the Army’s recommendation.

Snowden has been charged but hasn’t been tried or sentenced. His most time-sensitive legal questions are probably immigration questions. Chelsea Manning is serving a 35 year sentence for felonies, including violating the Espionage Act. She may benefit from a pardon or sentencing relief. Is there a pending appeal? I don’t remember.

Maybe there is someone who knows more facts and about this area of federal criminal law?

But in addition to the legal question, I wonder if leniency for Petraeus could contribute to a political shift. How much more would the situation need to change before POTUS changes policy?

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You are correct.

I second that. The crime was outside the Army’s jurisdiction.

How do you figure? He was active duty when he shared classified material.

Just gonna drop this here with a little emphasis:

Specifically, Petraeus acknowledged providing eight notebooks that contained highly classified material to his biographer, Paula Broadwell, in the waning days of his Army career. The notebooks were kept by Petraeus when he served as commander of U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan in 2010 and 2011.

They contained code words, war strategy, the names of covert officers and other sensitive information. In addition, the books outlined deliberative discussions with the National Security Council and President Obama.

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