Telegraph's lead political writer resigns because of censorship of criticism of advertisers, especially HSBC



I was wondering if/how the Telegraph reported this.

Grew up in a Telegraph reading household, still have a fondness for it, at least pre-Barclay Bros (obviously Conrad Black was much better…). Confirmed Guardianista these days, though.

Because if they squash the story in the Telegraph, nobody will ever find out.

Thank God authoritarians tend to be so far behind the times. The savvy ones are dangerous.


Is this really so big of a surprise? People aren’t buying newspapers anymore, so advertising dollars are getting scarcer and scarcer. It’s really only a matter of time before the newspapers end up being 100% “advertorials”.

‘Telegraph readers are intelligent, sensible, well-informed people’
Also, for that matter, the BBC squashes stories all the time, as well as softballing questions to our Lords and Masters. Fuck 'em both right in the eye.


A concern for accuracy? You must be one of those old-time print people; as Louise Amstrong sang, there’ve been some changes made.

Aw, a cat in a Tesco!

My father’s a Torygraph reader and has been for nearly 50 years. He subscribes (red tickets weekdays, green Saturdays, blue Sundays). His brother subscribes to The Times. The Torygraph irritates me intensely, especially when it comes to health issues (but all rags irritate me intensely on that score, because they all simply parrot the NHS and the NHS is, 100% of the time - 100% WRONG!).

I don’t read any rags now, none are fit to be used even when I’m out of bog roll.

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