Tempe band Gin Blossoms to be honored by city

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RIP Otis Del Monte

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Respect. Nothing was as good as the ‘Dusted’ vinyl. The tone and ‘tempo’ were so much better. Much more like seeing them at Long Wong’s. Writer of all the best, and a Feedbag song here or there.

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H L C! H L, C…

I just happened to see them in concert a week ago!

My daughter bough me tickets to see Bare Naked Ladies and we didn’t realize it was also opened by Toad the Wet Sprocket and Gin Blossoms!

Talk about a 90’s era lineup of bands, that was right in my wheelhouse. Pretty damn good concert.

The tickets were purchased pre-COVID and it was postponed several times.

The nice closing bit was the three bands came out and played a cover of Handle Me with Care from the Traveling Wilburys


I may still have a cassette of Dusted somewhere, bought at Zia, of course. caught a few shows at Long Wong’s as well. Great era in Tempe…


Why didn’t they just call it “Allison Road” instead of “Allison Road Avenue”? Is this AZ humor?

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