Terrorize the seas as the white whale of Moby Dick, but with lasers

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You know, I had but one simple request. And that was to have whales with frickin’ laser beams attached to their heads. So thanks for that.

Should one assume that they are also ill-tempered?

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I downloaded it twice via Mac Safari and it says the .app is damaged.
Might try on my kid’s PC.

Any ideas? Try to DL w Chrome? (edit: Chrome didn’t work, still no joy)

Looks similar to Luftrausers, which I enjoyed. The designers should make a cross-over. Killer whale and morally questionable aircraft destroy everything.

Looks like they copied and added to Moby Dick, unless it’s actually the same developer.

Same here - :-/

It was a zip file with both Mac and PC executables when I downloaded it. Gotta unzip it first. Or at least thats what I had to do.

The game needs to have instructions – I have no clue how the crafting works or whatever the hell the bottom of the screen does. And it needs to have save points. I’m just not getting it yet…

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