Tesla faces lawsuit over another fatal 'autopilot' crash

no vehicle should ever accelerate for any reason except the driver’s foot pressing aginst the gas pedal


If you prefer to read content that strives for editorial balance, then perhaps a zine/blog isn’t the best place to look. Try Forbes or CNN. None of the authors here are obligated to provide a counterfactual narrative to better suit your well-polished confirmation biases. Meanwhile, there’s nothing preventing you from trying to provide counter-balancing positive Tesla content instead of trying to fudge the point with a rabbithole on bias.


You are probably right, just disappointed I guess because I have been such a long time reader of Boing Boing and now see such a negative bias over a long period of time. There are plenty of reasons to criticize Tesla and Musk (his current hoax filled twitter outbursts about the virus for instance) but I guess I expected a little more balance from Boing Boing that often appeals to journalistic idealism. Just another case of heroes disappointing I guess.

Tesla is humanities savior! /s


“the filings note, adding plaintiffs expect the firm to “lay all of the blame” on that person.”

So… whats the point of suing Tesla then?

Bullshit. You can get Kias that have this tech these days.


Consumer Reports gets it. This is a divergence in perceived responsibilities effect. How did Tesla’s engineers think that ignoring psychological complacency tendencies of drivers was going to turn out? Human factors are supposed to be a fundamental aspect of UI design - not something that you can just shift blame onto the customer/victim when they kill themselves/others with your fancy tech that doesn’t conform to any established culturally agreed upon/vetted/proven precedents.


I guess none of us should be trusted to control any car with a motor and steel that could kill someone then, so you are against more safety devices if they are computer controlled?

“In the first quarterly report on the safety of its autonomous vehicles, Tesla said it recorded one accident for every 3.34 million miles driven when the autopilot was engaged. That is a vastly better record than the one compiled by humans.”

Not sure where you’re going with that. The problem is not the automatic mechanisms that Tesla created, or their relative effectiveness per se. The problem is apparently a cultural gap in expectations of how to correctly operate machinery that has these new capabilities on the part of the driving population and that is Tesla’s responsibility to account for one way or another.

Cultural/training expectations play an enormous role in human machine interfaces and wind up being at the core of lots of accidents. Another example would be the Boeing 737-MAX, which had a concealed mechanism which attempted to second guess the pilots training and resulted in disasters.

I’m very happy that Tesla exists and is making strides in establishing electric transportation as a viable path away from fossil fuels. I hope that poorly conceived control interfaces don’t get in the way of that effort by causing them extra legal hassles.


I think Toyota was the first to use it around 2006, by 2012 it was on a lot of high end vehicles and has trickled a long way down since then.

Think Boing Boing might have missed this article today, didn’t see it on the home page. Odd.

Teslarati: Tesla Autopilot records safest quarter to date in new Safety Report.


I mean, she kind of has a point, being that she’s pregnant with his kid. What a massive douchenozel.

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