Texas man sues GOP lawmaker and husband over months of workplace stun gun attacks


He should have pretended to pass out and/or go into shock. It’s all fun and games until they have to call an ambulance.


How bad is the job market that you don’t quit when your boss tazers you randomly for no reason?


“I’m not sure why this is just a civil suit and not a criminal matter.”

My guess… for the same reason the majority of violence complaints against cops result in somewhere between nothing at all and a paid vacation for the cop.


Hmm. Could you take a hammer to someone after the second or third time, claiming it appeared that violence in this particular workplace was universally acceptable? I mean, the owners already set the tone.

When you start regulating when, where, and how often small business owners can tazer other people, you put an undue regulatory burden on them that will put this country on the road to socialism.


This is Texas, right? What happened to all of that “Don’t mess with Texas … Annie get your gun … I’m going to stand my ground” bullshit?

Geeze - two dozen times? Grow a backbone, man. Once is funny. Twice might get another laugh. Anything more than 3 has crossed a line. (once would be enough for me). He should have quit and sued much sooner, especially if they were dumb enough to post videos of it. Either that or smack around the guy with the taser enough that no one else would want to try it again.

At risk of sounding like a typical Internet macho windbag (who is secretly a 92-lb coward) I would have totally gone bare-sark on everyone involved. Kudos to this guy for exposing these sadists to the world at large, instead.

So remind me again when tasers are going to be classified as weapons and treated as such?

I know some states restrict them, but no permits are required in the majority of the US.

“I’m not sure why this is just a civil suit and not a criminal matter.”

Perhaps you should watch the video before you post it for the world.

Admittedly the video limited itself to, as the final line “Criminal charges could follow”. But let’s be honest here, State Representative’s husband? I suspect they didn’t lead with criminal charges because there’s a good chance they won’t stick.


No. You’d have to use a gun. Hammers are socialist.


According to the SourceFed video on the story, new evidence appears to have surfaced showing that Brad Jones was also participating in the tasering.

For cops it’s Verbal Judo —> OC spray —> Taser —> Sidearm as far as escalation of force goes. Seeing as how tasers can and have killed people, the perpetrator in my opinion should be charged with aggravated assault or assault with a deadly weapon.

Well, I prefer tools that serve more than one purpose. Not to mention it’s just so visceral. :smile:

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You want a number? It’s 11.5 million bad, not counting people who have given up looking for a job.


Hmm. The angle here, of course, could be that everyone involved in those incidents was consenting, while the surprise attacks that happened against him later or at other times were not - I’m certainly not averse to the idea that if me and my friends got our hands on a taser there would be some consensual tasering happening.

But that’s a bit different from getting tasered unexpectedly and without permission over a dozen times over several months. It’s the difference between flirting and sexual harassment, between martial arts sparring and assault, between sex and rape.

Is this the case? I dunno. But I can easily imagine situations where someone has a little fun with it but becomes a little bit less happy with the process after repeated incidents where it happened without any consent.

In the '70s I worked in a factory where it was a big joke to “hot wire” forklifts so that when you turned the key, you’d get a jolt straight from the battery. Nothing anywhere near as serious as what this man went through, but after a couple of weeks of getting zapped once or twice a shift, I had an involuntary facial twitch and a rampant case of paranoia.

This man has been put through living hell and I hope he ends up owning that car dealership.


Devastatingly wilting sarcasm! Bravo.