That one D&D player who always makes it about them

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Why not just stop inviting “that one player” to join the game? :man_shrugging:


I like how great minds think alike.

Death from Above is also how I handled those players.

Although it was always a magic brick. With no explanation. Screw you, what are you gonna do about it?

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But that’s being mature. That doesn’t work in every group, unfortunately. (In which case you have to be the one to leave.)


In at least one group’s case: because the same (over)enthusiasm, self-confidence, deep knowledge of game mechanics and creative but showboating antics that make him annoying as a player make him fantastic when he’s the DM.


When did we stop referring to those sorts of players as munchkins? Did the success of Munchkin by Steve Jackson Games somehow divorce the term from what the game was initially parodying?

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QFT. ‘Halliday’ is one of those players; he usually likes to min-max his character and can be invaluable in a fight, but it also can lead to major party death when he goes off to do something random that triggers every trap/bad guy in the vicinity. Frequently found running off on his own to do something ill-advised, or trying to persuade other PCs to do likewise. Several GMs (myself included) have given him Consequences for some boneheaded maneuver, but he doesn’t learn (or only briefly), probably because he succeeds just often enough.

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