That time my husband reported me to the Facebook police: a case study

When Burt Reynolds died I posted the Cosmopolitan picture on FB.

It got taken down. I appealed. They said it didn’t follow community standards. I appealed again with the following reasoning.

  1. It’s not full frontal nudity. 2) It’s historical. Heck, it was published in a national magazine before most of us were even born. 3) If you’re concerned that it does contain full frontal nudity, take a closer look. That’s the folds of his skin and his body hair creating that optical illusion. 4) It’s newsworthy, since he recently died.

I got this response back.

We’re sorry we got this wrong. We reviewed your post again and it does follow our Community Standards.

We appreciate you taking the time to request a review. Your feedback helps us do better.



No nudity, but also no compunctions about millions of propaganda ads to influence an election.


Now that’s obscene!

  1. Opens with husband apparently being a huge tool, then never explains that?

  2. Opinion in piece seems to be- moderation is hard so why bother?

I’m definitely not disappointed in Boing Boing, but that article was at least disappointment-adjacent.





Thank you, I’m borrowing ‘Facetapo’ for future forum comments elsewhere! :grin:


thank you for your service

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@doctorow, I this needed a trigger warning for anyone living in the US.

Your CN re:willies was, in comparison, just a small teaser, like the domestic informer in the headline. Both didn’t live up to expectations.

I’ll be damned if “the future is orange” won’t pop up in the 2020 presidential election.

i once reported someone for advocating shooting trump protestors in the head. i even asked them if they meant figuratively, trying to deescalate their very public anger. they said no, they really meant it.

facebook did not care. they said none of it violated their standards.

that company and its employees are helping to shape this very $@#! timeline we all live in


You’ll need to thank @bobtato for that one!

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Damn, the present is orange enough, but the timeline may be changing.

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