Facebook Timeout From Linking a BB Post

My first post got removed as spam, and I can’t seem to figure out how to contact an admin or moderator here about it. I’m trying again in hopes that this would be useful info.
I want to WARN Facebook users that sharing this post on Facebook got me a 24 hour ban, NO KIDDING.
[Screenshot from 2022-03-09 19-16-59|653x500]
I can still see FB and that BoingBoing’s post linked to this article is up and I can’t get anyone at Facebook as usual to dispute the take down and 24hour ban, nor without a case number can I figure out how to appeal to their Oversight Committee.
To whoever moderates this board I simply want to warn BoingBoing and other users about sharing the article on Facebook which I thought would save someone else the grief of this…



Let me translate for the BBS community.

Sharing this front-page post on Facebook (something most of you won’t do since you don’t use that toxic service) may result in one of your dickhead FB “Friends” or Zuckerberg’s brain-dead algorithm getting you banned for 24-hours without any appeal because they think this article is pornography.

As always when discussing that social network, we encourage you and everyone else to #DELETEFACEBOOK.


I’m not on Facebook; is showing a boatload of dick pics against their TOS?


Okay, I give up and don’t know if anyone cares that I tried to I thought be helpful giving a warning but I thought it was bewildering because Boing Boing LITERALLY has a post up ON FACEBOOK that I was banned for sharing ON FACEBOOK!

I like BoingBoing and I thought sharing this would be HELPFUL and not jeered at and labeled as SPAM.

I guess there’s some nuance that I’m missing about this BBS thing that I’m missing here. Sorry for trying to be helpful now

When your first post was flagged, that itself brought it to the attention of the mods. If there’s something to be done about it, they know now.

In the meantime, it’s a bit of a derail of the thread. Posting about it again and again isn’t helping, FYI.


Getting people banned from FB makes us happy

Today is a good day :partying_face:


There’s a different kind of etiquette here than there is on Facebook. I’d recommend checking out the FAQ and reading more topics to get a better feel for this place. :wink: :grin:


For issues with specific posts you may want to try here.

Welcome to BoingBoing.


I thought I was being helpful and now I feel like I’m getting punched in the nuts for it.
AND BoingBoing HAS a Facebook Account which IS what I shared as I have many BoingBoing articles where I found the Putin post!

Okay, I get it someone or everyone hates Facebook and now are being really dickish about my post trying to be helpful.

If you ban me I don’t care as I made an effort in good faith and all I’m getting back is grief.

Relax. All this means is that one of your Facebook “friends” ratted you out to Facebook and then Facebook put you in timeout because penises. It’s no big deal. In 24 hours, you’ll be having a good laugh about it.


The main issue with your first post was that it sounded like you were complaining that your FB account was suspended due to to sharing the post where BB’s FB share did not get the same treatment. I’m sure it’s jarring and upsetting to have your personal account suspended there for 24-hours, but that’s a FB issue and not a BB issue. It’s not the end of the world either way.

Your better course would have been to leave the warning about your experience ON FACEBOOK as a response to/comment on BB’s own post ON FACEBOOK. That would be HELPFUL because you’d be directly warning people who are actually ON FACEBOOK. (see how those ALL CAPS come across, by the way?)

I’m not sure why your comment was labeled as SPAM because it was more likely flagged by various community members as “Off Topic” (which it was). My guess is that the Discourse system defaults to “Spam” for any new user so that the moderator can get to it more quickly

You won’t get banned for that comment as our moderator is very reasonable and understanding. You will get banned if you persist in your whinging, which is not an auspicious way to start things here.


You have users who are telling me they are happy when an FB user gets banned and how hated FB is!
I’m not a new user to BB, I had to create a new account because I couldn’t figure out how to get into the one I created eons ago, probably on a dead computer before I stored the password someplace for the last BBS post I made.

I’d hope that someone would simply add a WARNING on the FB & BB posts so no one would go through this like I did.

I will warn FB friends in 20hrs when I can post again there. I’m pretty sure no one I knew “ratted me out” either, it’s probably a FB bot that does stuff arbitrarily as it was damned near instantaneous as soon as I shared the BB post.

Either way, I’m outta here. Based on this experience this BBS isn’t a club I want to be a member of.

Good night and good luck

If you’re a not a new user you shouldn’t be surprised that FB is hated here. No-one is happy that you got banned; they’re basically saying “what do you expect from that garbage platform?” and “relax, it’s only 24-hours”.

Again, that warning would have been better posted on FB itself as a response to the BB post there. Perhaps a friend (or Friend) there could have done it for you. Then the people who most need to see it would be warned.

No worries. You can ask @orenwolf to “anonymise” your account, which effectively cancels it. Somehow I suspect you’ll stick with Facebook, though.


At least you tried.


Moved the derail to a new topic so as not to clutter the original.


Well, I always ask people in the comments section to change what’s on the article page.

Never contact the mod or the author.

I guess if you’re just looking for something to pass the time till your Facebook account reopens; repeatedly asking people in the comments to change an article isn’t that can’t do anything about it is one way to go.


I’m actually surprised the original boingboing post on Facebook wasn’t taken down (maybe it has been by now? I never saw it). If Facebook doesn’t allow cartoon dot nipples, it surely won’t allow a mosaic of D pics. Like facebook or hate it, but you gotta know that goes against their rules there. I am still on Facebook just cuz that’s how I communicate with a lot of friends and family even though I dislike a lot of their politics and policies. But I feel like if you choose to post stuff there you gotta know they have a rule against explicitly sexual content. But hey, If you wanna post some right wing white nationalist recruiting propaganda that’s probably fine as long as you don’t put bad words or nudity in your posts…


The BoingBoing post on Facebook is merely a link to the original article on BoingBoing. It does not appear to have a share button, so I am assuming that the user must have posted the full URL on their wall. In any case, it’s an issue with Facebook.

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All that needed to be said on this topic has been.