That time the TSA started screening all paper products separately


And infinitely more dangerous!


In the minds of many, books are bombs.


I should start flying with a copy of Fahrenheit 451.


I once brought a copy of “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich” on a trip to Europe, and had a bit of a Larry David moment in security on the way back:


KCI, and most of Kansas City, are in Missouri


Kansas, eh…?


I was wondering if he meant scanning as in looking, or scanning as in using a scanner to record all the info on the paper. Since there wasn’t the fuss you’d expect from BB about recording personal data, I decided they meant just looking.


“We dun gone caught us a reader, Cletus!”


Little Brother was THE bomb, not A bomb sheesh!


[spreads dozens of porn magazines across X-ray conveyor belt]


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